How to Earn Money From Sharechat: Are you a student or an employee looking to enhance your income sources? Then you have to find some effective ways that can boost up your monthly income. 

It is almost impossible to work with studies, over time, to do many things at once because after doing this you do not get time for yourself. 

But there is one thing which you can do very easily without any problem and that is that you can earn money from social media too.

How to Earn Money From Sharechat

In the modern world, social media has become a great weapon of online earning rather than a just photo-sharing app. Many people are earning a decent amount of money by spending just 2 to 3 hours on a social media platform.

If you are using social media just for entertainment purposes and not utilizing it for branding and online earning then it can be your biggest mistake in the future.

In this article, I will tell you about one of the popular social app called "Sharechat" and the different ways by which you can generate a decent amount of money from Sharechat just like any other famous social app in 2021.

Before I give you detailed information on how to earn money from Sharechat, let's begin with a quick introduction to Sharechat for newbies.

    What is Sharechat App

    Most of you probably know about Sharechat. Just like any other app, Sharechat is the best Indian social networking app that allows you to share images and videos with millions of Indian Sharechat users.

    You can like and share these images or videos on your Sharechat profile or your different social media handles very easily. unlike Instagram, Sharechat also gives a download option to save photos and videos.

    I personally like Sharechat more than Instagram and Facebook because it provides more reach of your content. You can get almost 500 views on every single post even if do not have a single subscriber.

    Sharechat also has one more advantage over Instagram as you can share the link with your every post unless it gets counted in spam. Thus, the earning potential of Sharechat is quite better compared to Facebook and Instagram.

    Now, the question is how you can earn money on Sharechat? So now without any further delay let's come to the point of the article.

    How to Earn Money From Sharechat

    As I stated that Sharechat can give you better rich even with zero followers thus it can be a great option for side earning. You can just start earning with your very first post as many people share it through WhatsApp and other social media apps.

    First of all, you need to decide on which topic you are going to post to start earning from Sharechat. You should concentrate on a particular topic to engage or catch the attention of people.

    It can be educational, motivational, tips and tricks, fashion related or anything. You just need to create posts around your topic and start posting. 

    There are several ways of earning from Sharechat. In which 5 best and popular ideas of Sharechat earnings are -
    • Refer and Earn
    • Product reselling
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Paid promotion (Shout out)
    • Drive traffic to other social media

    There could be some other ways also but by using the above methods, you can earn money from any other social media apps. Let's begin with my favorite method.

    (Disclaimer: All methods recommended are based on my own opinion. I will not grantee and ensure you for any income. it solely depends on your hard work. You may or may not generate any income guaranteed and the writer, site owner or any other member of the team will not be responsible for any losses.)

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    Refer and Earn

    How to Earn Money From Sharechat

    Similar to many other earning apps, Sharechat also gives money to refer the app to your friends. You can invite your friends via different mediums or by sending them your referral link.

    You can get your referral link from the coin icon available on top of the app. You can get up to 40 rupees per referral. But there is a limitation on the invitation that you can only invite or refer 20000 people in a month.

    You get your referral money in the form of "lifafa". You can redeem 1st and 2nd "lifafa" instantly but to redeem others, you have to wait for 4 days.

    However, it can be a great way of earning as there is a lot of entertaining and informational content available on Sharechat and people prefer such social apps.

    Product Reselling

    Product reselling is a great way for part-time income for students or employed persons. However, you can earn more as you do it full time (not recommended unless you start earning a decent amount).

    You can approach the wholesaler to resell any product. You can buy products from them directly and sell them to your followers with your margin.

    Some wholesalers also provide photos of products that you can share on your profile. Once you have received the order, you can directly reach out to the wholesaler and he will deliver the product to your follower cum customer. 

    You just need to show the image of the product and get the address of the interested buyer. After that, the rest work is done by the wholesaler.

    Also, there are lots of reselling apps like Glow Road from which you can start your reselling journey. Also on Glow Road you can create your own ecommerce store.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a major source of income for many bloggers and YouTubers. Unlike resale where you can add whatever profit margin you want, in affiliate marketing you get a fixed percentage of the price of the product.

    Amazon is the most popular affiliate network in India. You can generate a custom affiliate link for any product you want to promote. When someone buys from that link you get the commission. 

    However, due to some policy reasons, Amazon does not allow its links to be shared on social media platforms. For that, you have to make a YouTube or website.

    But there are many third-party websites like Cue links, Earn Karo, share a sale, commission junction from where you can get affiliate product's link which you want to promote.

    You can create an account on these platforms and start earning.

    Paid Promotion

    How to Earn Money From Sharechat

    The reach of Sharechat is quite good and anyone can get followers easily. But, promoting a profile on a big follower page can just boost up followers.

    Similarly, once you get a high amount of followers you can earn money by promoting new and small profiles. You can charge them for doing this as per your reach and engagement.

    If you work on some specific niche like shoes, tech, news, etc., and have a good amount of followers then you can also get deals from famous brands.

    Popular companies are always on the lookout for profiles where they can promote their product or service. Some even pay you a commission on every sale made through your profile. So, paid promotion can be a good option for you.

    Drive Traffic to Other Platform

    Sharechat does not provide you some direct method of earning like YouTube and Facebook. You have to utilize your audience and your profile reach through different ideas.

    Other than the methods mentioned above, you can also drive your audience to your other social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube where direct monetization is available.

    If you have a YouTube channel and struggling to get subscribers then you can share your videos on Sharechat from where you can get a high number of subscribers.

    Similarly, you can grow your Instagram account from which you can do influencer marketing and get some big brand deals.

    What You Need to Make Money on Sharechat

    Earning money from Sharechat will be an easy task if you have some basic requirements. Following are the things you should have in order to earn money on Sharechat -

    Sharechat Account

    Is it seems silly? You should be thinking that it is an obvious thing to have a Sharechat account in order to start earning from it. But here I want you to give attention to the selection of account niche.

    To earn from Sharechat you should create an account around a topic in which you can promote products. If you choose a subject like Shayari or jokes, it may be difficult for you to get any Penney.

    So, spend some time and think that on which category you can generate content and share product related to it. You can other influencer's profiles and what they actually promoting.

    Followers and Reach

    Getting followers can be a tough task for you if you promote products in every single post. To increase followers you should provide some value or tips and tricks related to your topic. 

    Once you start gaining followers, you should focus on the reach of the post. You can generate enough amount you are able to reach more people interested in your product. 

    You can use hashtags, join different groups and engage with members to increase your reach. As your reach increases, the chances of getting sales and money also increases.

    Final Words

    Making money is a hard task especially with your job and studies. In such a case earning through social media apps can be a great idea as it needs less time and you can earn just by 2 or 3 hours of work.

    So here I showed you the all methods applying which you can generate a decent amount and earn money from Sharechat app. If you are a student or looking for a side income source then it could be a great option for you.

    Initially, it could be hard to grow your profile but with consistent posting, you will defiantly see an increase in follower amount and after that, you can easily make money from Sharechat.

    So without any further delay install the app and start earning. Thanks for visiting!

    Common FAQ

    Q 1. How Sharechat earns money?

    Ans. Sharechat is social networking app and it also earns money like any other app. The major source of Sharechat earning is ad revenue. various brands run ad campaign of Sharechat for which Sharechat charge a specific amount. Sometimes it also uses third-party advertisements like Google AdSense, Facebook to generate its income.

    Q 2. How to create a Sharechat account?

    Ans. creating an account in Sharechat is very easy. Just like WhatsApp, You just need a mobile number to get started with Sharechat. You can follow the steps to create an account in Sharechat
    Step - 1: Install and open the Sharechat app
    Step - 2: Enter your mobile number from which you want to create an account
    Step - 3: Sharechat will send you an OTP to very your number. It will automatically detect this OTP if you have inserted the sim into the same mobile. If not, then you can enter it manually.
    Step -4: Now, your account is created and you can choose your preferred regional language and start creating posts.

    Q 3. What are some popular categories in Sharechat?

    Ans. Sharechat has various categories you can follow as per your interest. You can see these all categories from the search tab. Some famous categories are
    • Sharechat trends
    • Quotes and Shayari
    • Educational
    • Memes
    • Jokes
    • Fashion corner
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Regional
    • Cooking and food
    • News
    • Animal lover
    • Health and fitness
    • Technology
    • Sports
    • Jobs and employment
    • and many more

    Q 4. How to create a Sharechat referral link?

    Ans. As I told you that referring the app to your friends can be a great way to earn. You can directly share the link or copy the link. To create a referral link just tap on the coin icon visible on the top bar of the app. Then click on the share icon and choose the copy link option.

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