Hello friends, Nowadays we are hearing a lot about one Android app named "OneAD". In this article, I will tell you what is Onead app and how to earn money from it.

How to earn money from onead app

Who does not want to do online earning. We all like to earn money in different ways and have different sources of income. But due to our busy daily life schedule, it is very difficult to make a separate source of income.

But what if I tell you that you can make money by simply installing a app. Yes, you read it right. Today I am going to tell you about a online earning app called "OneAD" from which you can earn up to 250000/- INR by just having it in your mobile.

Want to know more about it. Let's start with a quick intro of OneAD app -

    What is OneAD? | Onead App Information

    Basically, OneAD is an android app from which you can earn real money just by doing simple tasks. If you are a student and want to earn some money then you can try this app.

    Basically, onead app is a advertisement promoting app. After when you install this app, you start getting the advertisement on your lock screen. You can see them each by scrolling.

    The advertisement appears only on the lock screen, they don’t make any inconveniences while working with other apps. So, you can install the app without any fear of getting lots of ads.

    You can earn money each month from the app just by installing, sharing, and just by keeping it in your mobile. OneAD is based on a multi-level marketing strategy.

    You can also earn money from Onead just by doing simple task and playing small games. You also get daily rewards when you open the app for the first time each day.

    Now, How to Earn Money from Onead App?

    Onead is a free android app that gives you an opportunity to make money online without any investment. To start earning with Onead app, you need to install it from given link -

    After installing the app you have to register in app using your name, mobile number, e-mail, date of birth, gender and referral code. Referral code is mandatory in order to start earning from onead. You can enter 98X6UFBS in referral code box.

    If You download the app using above link, it might not ask for referral code and you can register without code. When you register in OneAD for the first time after using the above link or referral code, you will get an extra sigh up bonus of Rs 3.5/- which can be transfer to your Paytm wallet.

    Now to start earning on daily basis you have to refer this app to your friends and family members or anyone else. You can share or refer the app simply by clicking on the "Refer tab" available on the home page of the app. 

    You can also make your friend to install the app from play store and ask him/her to enter your referral code while registration process. Your referral code is also available on the home screen of the app. 

    For every person join with your referral code, you get assured money daily, till he keeps the app active in his/her mobile. 

    Remember, you will only get money until your referral person keep the app and being active on it. Once a referral person uninstall the app, your earning will stop for that person. 

    Now you must thinking, how much you will earn by doing this simple method. To understand this you have to understand the levels of the app. So let's see the levels of different levels of OneAd app.

    Levels of OneAD App

    how to earn money from onead app

    OneAD app works similar to multi-level marketing. You have to built your team to make a decent amount.

    There are ten levels in the app. In level 1, the persons who registered with your referral code, are shown. Level 2 shows the active members who install and registered in OneAD app using the link or referral code shared by level 1 persons. All levels are filled in similar way.

    Now, if the referral members keep the app active then you will get Rs 4 for each level 1 person and 2 Rs for each level 2 person. Similarly the price gets half as the levels increase. You will get maximum money for the level 1 members means for the members who register using your referral link or code.

    But it difficult for a single person to get thousands of people. So, you have to refer only six persons and when each of your referred person has six member under them, you can earn high amount. As you increase your network, the money will also increase and you can earn money up to 250000 per month.

    Once you have more than 3.5rs you can transfer your money to the PayTM wallet easily. But there are processing fees which is not much just rs2.5.

    So just install the app, register with the code 98X6UFBS, and earn money just by keeping the app. For any query, you can contact on the official OneAD site.

    How to Join Onead App and Start Earning

    To join onead app, you can follow below steps
    • Download Onead App
    • Open the app and enter your mobile number.
    • Enter 98X6UFBS in referral box.
    • Verify your phone number.
    • You will get Rs 3.5/- Instantly.
    • Refer the app using referral link or referral code.
    • Get the money of each active member.

    Now, just invite your friends via your invite link or just share them your referral code and ask them to enter it while registration.

    Final Words

    So, This is how you can earn money from onead app. For more information, you can watch this video. If you liked my article please share and subscribe to new ones!!!! Thank you.

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