Instagram is the most popular social media platform among youngsters nowadays. There are more than 1 billion installations of Instagram and must be more than 500 million active users worldwide.

According to a report, an active Instagram user spent an average of 53 minutes daily on it. But most people use it as an entertainment platform to connect with friends or just to send and receive messages. 

If you are also an Instagram user and spend a lot of time scrolling to see posts, stories, and reels on Instagram, then you too are wasting your precious time by doing the same. 

best pages to follow on instagram for knowledge

But, do you know that you can save or utilize this time? There are lots of business, educational, informational, news, and other useful accounts on Instagram you can follow to make the most of it. In our previous post, we wrote about the best Instagram shopping pages, so you can read that too.

So, to save your time, today I will tell you about the top 10 best pages to follow on Instagram for knowledge that can make your time useful. If you are a student or preparing for any competitive exam then you must follow these Instagram accounts.

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    The page posts Indian GK MCQs on a daily basis that can help you in different exams. So, if you are preparing for any competitive exam then you must follow the Target Exam IQ's Instagram page.

    Now, without any further delay, let's begin our today's topic.

    Best Pages to Follow on Instagram for Knowledge

    There are many best pages on Instagram for knowledge. Here is the list of the top 10 Instagram pages you can follow to enhance your knowledge -




    1.Current Affairs & GK | English


    2.World Epic Facts


    3.Psychology | Mental Health


    4.NASA Earth Observatory


    5.National Geographic


    6.BBC NewsFollow
    7.Learn English With Alice


    8.Maths & Reasoning 


    9.The History of War




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    Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Knowledge

    1. @Currentaffair_gk

    The page @currentaffair_gk posts content related to recent events. If you are looking for an Instagram page for current affairs then this will be useful for you. Current Affairs is an essential part of almost all exams.

    This page has been working for a very long time and currently has more than 400k followers. If you are preparing for any state or national-level competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, or Railway then you can follow this page.

    This page will boost your preparation and current affairs knowledge. This page is very suitable for Indian students as it mostly posts content related to events that happened in India.

    2. @Worldepicfacts 

    Facts are a great way to gain knowledge about the amazing things in the world. Many things happen every day that cannot be believed without being experienced.
    If you want to know about such amazing things and are interested in different facts of the world then you can follow @Worldepicfacts. The page is one of the best fact pages on Instagram.

    The page shares unique and amazing facts about famous people, places, history, valuables, and much more. These unique facts help you to know about the amazing and unique creations of the world and the universe.

    3. @Psychologicalsfact

    @psychologicalsfact is also an Instagram page that shares facts related to psychology. Psychology is the subject that helps to understand the mental state of people and how different people react to different things.

    Our mind is a treasure trove of knowledge. There are so many facts about the human mind and actions that we are still unaware of. The facts on the page will help you understand the mental state of a person in different situations.

    This will help you to know how you should react when someone is feeling sad, emotional, or depressed and how you can help them in such a situation.

    4. @Nasaearth

    @Nasaearth is the official Instagram account of the US space agency NASA. The page deals with the information and facts of the space.

    If you want to know more about our space, Earth, and other planets then you can follow this page. If you are a student of science and want to become a space scientist then you must follow the page. The page shared images of unique and amazing places, whether on Earth or in space.

    5. @Natgeo

    @Natgeo is the official Instagram handle of the National Geographic Channel. We all know that national geography tells us unique facts about our society, nature, forests, animals, and much more. It makes us aware of the customs of different communities living in the world.

    You can learn amazing facts about the different organisms living in the world, their living conditions, and origins by following the page of National Geography.

    6. @Bbcnews

    Being a part of the world we need to be aware of the things happening around us and news is a great way to keep an eye on the happenings in the world.

    BBC News is a very famous news channel in the world and one must follow their Instagram page to be aware of all the important incidents of the world. They share news related to technology, business, finance, health, sports, and many more categories.

    7. @Learn_and_speak

    This page is very beneficial for the students or the people who are willing to learn English. They create a post around an English word with some examples that make you remember the use of that particular word. 

    The Instagram images shared by the page are so expressive that one can easily remember and learn to use English correctly. If you love to learn new words on a daily basis then you must follow the page.

    8. @Maths_reasoning

    @Maths_reasoning is another very useful page for students preparing for any exam. The page admin shared math and reasoning questions on a daily basis. 

    You can follow the page to get daily new questions and by solving them, you can improve your preparation and knowledge.

    9. @Warhistory

    @Warhistory A very informative and useful page for those who are very interested in history and want to know about the various wars that took place in the past.

    This page tells us about the various wars fought in the past, how they started, and the reasons behind them. This page also shares facts about the strategy of politicians, the impact of war on civilians, and many more through photos and captions.

    Page admin briefly describes the various actions taken by the countries during the war. If you want to know about the history and how our ancient soldiers fought, what weapons they used, how they defended themselves then you can visit this page.

    10. @Factzzigo

    As I said facts are a great way to learn and gain knowledge about different things. Thus, this is another very popular fact page that you can follow on Instagram. The page shares all kinds of facts related to different things, persons, sports, places, etc.

    Final Words

    More than just a social media app, Instagram has become a platform on which you can do many things that can make a positive difference in your life. You will be spending a lot of time on Instagram which will not return any value.

    To make this irreversible time useful you can follow an account that can increase your knowledge of the world and facts. Now, searching for such accounts is also a tough task for many people as there are millions of accounts on Instagram.

    So, in this post, I have told you about the top 10 best pages on Instagram for knowledge that you can follow to enhance your basic knowledge. 

    You can follow these pages and utilize your social media time for better outcomes. By following above mentioned Instagram pages, you can boost your general knowledge of the world and universe.

    Common FAQ

    Q 1. What are some best pages to follow on Instagram for students?

    Ans: If you are a student or a person looking for an Instagram account that can increase your knowledge then you can follow these pages -
    • @Currentaffair_gk
    • @Worldepicfacts
    • @psychologicalsfact
    • @Nasaearth
    • @Natgeo
    • @Bbcnews
    • @Learn_and_speak
    • @Maths_reasoning
    • @Warhistory
    • @Factzzigo

    These pages provide the best facts and knowledge on their page niche.

    Q 2. What should students follow on Instagram?

    Ans: Student life is a very important time for everyone. You should make the most of it to make your future better. You can follow some knowledgeable accounts on Instagram so that you can get the benefit of your social media account as well. In this post, I have told you some very amazing and informative pages on Instagram that a student must follow to stay updated with the latest or past events.

    Q 3. Is Instagram good for students?

    Ans: Every social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages. It mainly depends on the user and how they use things. Most people use Instagram only for their entertainment. But if you are a student and want to make the most of your every moment then you can follow an Instagram page or account which provides good knowledge on various things. You can also find such pages if you use Instagram for your personality development. So, it's not Instagram or other social media platforms, it's you, how you use it.
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