The craze and popularity of short videos are increasing rapidly these days. People prefer to watch short videos instead of watching long videos because they save time and can also watch more videos in less time.

The trend of short videos first started with TikTok. Many people used it for entertainment and their time pass. Video creators also got a lot of popularity from this app.

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But due to some reasons, TikTok was banned and people started looking for other alternatives to TikTok. Although initially, such short video apps were very few, but today there are so many funny short video apps on the Play Store that it is difficult to choose the best one among them.

So, today in this post, we tell you about the top 10 best funny short video apps in India that you can install for your entertainment as well as to share with your friends. So, without any further delay, let's start with a quick list of short video apps.

    List of Best Funny Short Video Apps in India

    There is a bunch of apps where you can find lots of funny, romantic, motivational, prank, and more types of short videos. The top 10 most popular Tiktok alternative short video apps are -






    2.Chingari App


    3.Moj Video App


    4.Josh App


    5.Instagram Reals


    6.YouTub Shorts


    7.MX Taka Tak


    8.Hipi Short Video App 


    9.VidStatus Short Video Status


    10.Glance Roposo App


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    Best Short Video Apps For Android

    1. ShareChat App

    ShareChat is one of the most popular social media apps in India with lots of great features. This is an Indian app where you can find videos, text, and images on various topics. 

    This can be a useful Whatsapp status video download app as you get status videos in English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and many other languages.

    You get content on various trending and regular topics. In its Explore section, you can find all the topics that interest you. You get videos on topics like educational, motivational, funny, jokes, memes, facts, news, and many more.

    You can earn money from ShareChat through its referral program and also in various other ways which I discussed in my previous post.

    You can also download and share content from it or you can directly share any video on WhatsApp and any other app. So, you can download and install ShareChat for any type of short video.

    2. Chingari App

    Another app in the list of short video apps is the "Chinagri App". This is also an Indian app and it can be a good alternative to TikTok because in this you can create dance, voice-over, movie dialogues, funny, and all other types of videos.

    You can create or watch videos in 20 Indian regional languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi, and other popular languages.

    You can watch videos one by one on its home screen and also, if you like a specific video maker and don't want to miss their videos then you can add them to your following list.

    3. Moj Video App

    The Moj app is also designed by the makers of ShareChat, especially for short video lovers. You can watch all the popular TikTok videos on this platform and follow any if you are a fan of them.

    It currently has more than 100 million downloads and is quite popular among Indian youth. If you are a short video maker or influencer then you can easily gain popularity.

    Compared to the Chigari app, it has only 15 regional languages now but it may increase in the future. It has tons of features like stickers, video editing, magical emoticons, magic filters, and much more.

    4. Josh App

    The other name in the short video apps list is "Josh App". Its 10 Cr + Downloads show that it is also a favorite app of content creators and short video lovers. 

    You can create, edit, and share videos with these apps just like any other short video app. Its four-star rating shows that it is also a good platform to enhance your popularity. 

    If you are a normal user and looking for an app just to watch videos then you must download it as you can find 20M+ Celebrities on this platform. If you are a video maker then its duet feature can be very useful for you.

    5. Instagram Reels

    We all know very well about Instagram. This is one of the best social media platforms used to share your photos, thoughts, and videos, and to connect with your friends. 

    After the ban on TikTok, the demand for short videos had increased a lot. In such a situation, Instagram has got a good opportunity to increase its user base.

    After the ban of TikTok, Instagram came up with the reel feature, which later became quite popular. And it is still the most popular app used for short videos. Instagram reels have helped a lot to businesses, influencer to increase their followers. Here you will find all the famous stars.

    6. YouTube Shorts

    YouTube has always been the number one platform in terms of videos. There were already many educational, entertainment, and informational, videos available on YouTube.

    YouTube took the ban of TikTok as an opportunity and launched its YouTube short feature to give even smaller creators a chance to visit their platform.

    Through YouTube short, YouTube has gained a lot of popularity in the category of short videos. Like other apps, you can create and watch short videos for up to 1 minute on YouTube, in which you can make videos on movie songs as well as dialogues.

    The great thing about YouTube Short is that, unlike any other app where there is no direct monetization available, YouTube recently announced that it will reward short creators by distributing $10,000 every month among popular short creators.

    7. MX Taka Tak Video App

    Just like its name, the MX Taka Tak app also has a lot of similarities with TikTok in terms of features. Actually, people have also adopted it as an alternative to TikTok.

    One special thing about this app different from TikTok is that it is an Indian app. It currently has a huge user base of over 10 crores. There are more than 15 million-plus video influencers on this app.

    You can create all kinds of videos including music videos, funny dialogue videos, dubbing videos, reaction videos, and duet videos in more than 10 Indian regional languages. You can measure its popularity by knowing the fact that the Indian skipper Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of this app.

    Final Words

    So, these are some very popular funny short video apps in India. If you are a short video lover or video maker and looking for the best video app then you can download and install the above-mentioned app.

    All the short video apps mentioned above are best in their own way and have some really amazing features. In its place, there are many other short video apps for Android on the Play Store.

    But, you have to choose an app that is secure and reliable. Here, all the apps I have told you about are genuine and verified by the Play Store. You should not download any app from a third website.

    Common FAQ

    Q 1. Is there any app like Tiktok?

    Ans: Yes, there are lots of apps you can use after TikTok. The 10 most popular alternative apps of Tiktok are -
    1. Sharechat
    2. Chingari App
    3. Moj Video App
    4. Josh App
    5. Instagram
    6. Youtube
    7. MX Taka Tak
    8. Tiki Short Video App
    9. Zili Short Video App
    10. Glance Roposo App

    Q 2. How you can earn money from a short video app?

    Ans: Content creation is a great way to earn whether it is in text form or in the video. You can build your audience base by making this content available on different apps. Once you get enough followers or subscribers you can earn money in different ways. Some apps like YouTube give you a platform where you can directly monetize your videos through Google Adsense. You can also make money from other apps through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, resale, and other ways.

    Q 3. Is the Chingari app able to replace the TikTok app in India?

    Ans: The short answer to the question is "Yes, why not". Although it is new it has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time. It has a lot of features like Tiktok and in my opinion, it can be a great replacement for Tiktok.

    Q 4. What is the future of video apps?

    Ans: The life of a common man is getting so busy that he does not have enough time even to watch long videos. Nowadays people prefer to watch videos which are more useful in less time instead of investing 2 to 3 hours in movies. Short videos can also give you similar entertainment or information and people like to consume them. Thus, in my view, the short video apps industry will boom in the future.
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