Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Review | Buy Now on Amazon: Nowadays, pollution is the biggest threat to human health and fitness. Due to the continuous infrastructural development, environmental pollution is increasing day by day. 

Thus, basic leaving natural sources like air and water also getting polluted. Due to this, it becomes quite difficult to be fit and healthy all the time. 

We cannot control the global environment but we can keep our surroundings fresh by using some very helpful gadgets or appliances. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Review

Drinking water plays a very important role in our healthy lives. Normal tap water contains lots of chemical impurities that may make anyone sick. To remove these impurities, one can use a water purifier.

Although, you can choose a water purifier from the various options available in the market. But today, in this post, I am going to give you a brief review of the Mi RO Water Purifier built by the well-known smartphone company Xiaomi.

Xiaomi unveiled its very first water purifier at its Smarter Living 2020 event. Rather than other normal water purifiers, Xiaomi defined it as a smart ro water purifier as you can control it via your smartphone easily.

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    Before Jumping to the full review, first, let's see some quick key features of the product.

    Key features of Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier (RO + UV)

    • 12-month-long filter life.
    • Immediate TDS Checker.
    • Real-Time data recorder.
    • Free installation in 48 Hours.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Automatic water level detector.
    • Easy filter purchase via the app. 
    • Have in-tank UV Sterilisation technique.
    • Smart app connectivity.
    • Easy filter replacement.
    • 1-year warranty.

    Brief Specification of Xiaomi Smart Mi RO Water Purifier



    Product Name

    Xiaomi Mi water purifier

    Model Number

    MRB 13


    30 cm


    20.7 cm


    52.3 cm


    6.7 kg


    7 litter





    Country of Origin


    Operating Voltage

    220 – 240 V


    42 watts

    Applicable Water Temperature

    5º C to 38º C

    TDS Reduction

    Up to 90%

    pH Value

    6.5 – 8.5


    50 Hz

    Water Pressure

    0.03 – 0.4 MPa



    Flow Rate

    0.13 litter per minute


    1 year

    Available On


    From the above table and key features, you may get some idea about the product. For a more detailed review of the Xiaomi Mi RO + UV Water purifier, you may continue reading this article.

    Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Review

    Xiaomi Mi water purifier also known as Redmi water purifier comes in white color with a very silk and attractive design. Its rounded corner gives it a very nice look. As per its dimensions, it is very compact for any kind of modular kitchen.

    It is a wall-mounted type of water purifier that you can install on your kitchen's wall very easily. Thus, it does not occupy any ground space.

    In the box, you get the main Mi smart water purifier along with three filters (PPC, RO, PAC), an inlet valve, two wall mounting screws, two wall plugs, two water tubes for the water inlet and outlet use, a user manual with a warranty card.

    Mi purifier is made up of plastic material which has quite sufficient toughness and durability. In actual life, we mount the purifier on the wall so it will not get damaged without any external hard force or impact.

    We just need to be careful while mounting the purifier or you can request customer care to send a technician for mounting purposes without any extra cost.

    One major con of the Xiaomi Mi ro water purifier is that it is available only in white color and we all know that dust particle shines in light color, especially on white. This is the only issue with the purifier's design section, and we thought it will not be a major problem for most of the users.

    In this MI RO water purifier, Xiaomi used 5 stage water purification process. For this purpose, Xiaomi used three filters in the purifier.

    1. Polypropylene Cotton + Activated Carbon (PPC)

    2. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

    3. Post Activated Carbon (PAC)

    In the first two stages of the purification process, water flows from the sediment filter using polypropylene cotton to block the large particles of dust, sand, and chemicals.

    Later as the water passes through the activated carbon filter, chlorine, odor, bad taste along other bad particles are also removed.

    In the third stage of water purification, bacteria, viruses, heavy organic matter, and other impurities are removed with the help of a reverse osmosis filter. The RO purification process is a quite common method of water purification and it is used in most water purifiers. 

    One major disadvantage of the Mi RO purification process is that it also removed the minerals that are present in water. But this problem can be managed by MTDS-type water purifiers where you can manually control the TDS level of the water.

    In RO water purifiers, some chemicals like chlorine are used to clean the water. These chemicals can create problems for humans. 

    So, to remove these chemicals and to make the water test better, Xiaomi used a PAC filter in the fourth stage of purification. It removes the odor and we observed quite a natural taste which makes the water more drinkable.

    The most advanced and highlighted feature of this water purifier is its fifth or last stage of purification. To make the purifier more reliable, Xiaomi added UV sterilization in its water tank which kills bacteria and viruses with 99.99% accuracy. 

    This UV sterilization removes the bacteria from the water every 4 hours with a 25-minute process. Every water purifier should have a UV filter because the presence of bacteria in the water is increasing day by day.

    If you want to know more about the working and uses of different types of filters then you can read our article on different types of water purifiers.

    Rather than these features, the Xiaomi Mi water purifier also has two major things which differentiate Mi RO water purifiers from normal water purifiers.

    1. Till now, the removal and replacement of water filters were tedious tasks for a normal human being. You always needed a mechanic from that company to replace the filter which was quite expensive. 

    But Xiaomi works on this and now you or anyone from your family can remove and replace the filters very easily. You do not need to wait for a technician or a serviceman to change the filters.

    You just need to order filters via the Mi Home app and can change the old water filters into the water purifier very easily. Now you may get the second major feature of Xiaomi Mi water purifiers which is its Mi Home app.

    2. You can connect the Mi home app to your house Wi-Fi and track the TDS level on a real-time basis. Also, you can check the purified water available in the purifier tank. It also shows the working condition of all three filters.

    These two features along with the smart RO+UV combination make the water purifier one of the best purifiers for the home.

    Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier



    Easy filter replacement. Can't set the TDS level.
    Compact design. Cannot add external minerals.
    Controlled by the app. Need an additional app to control using the app
    Long filter life.


    Value for money.


    Final Words

    Xiaomi Mi RO water purifier is described as the first smart purifier of India and in our opinion, it truly deserves to be called a smart purifier. 

    Its features like easy filter replacement without the need for a technician and real-time automatic TDS level checker make the purifier worth buying. Its five-stage water purification technology is very effective to clean and delivering pure water.

    Except for its white color and un-transparent design (due to which you can't see available water capacity without the app), we could not find any major issues.

    The price at which you can get either a RO water purifier or a UV purifier, Xiaomi brings both features in a single purifier and you can buy or consider it without any second thought.

    Common FaQ

    Q 1. How to connect the Xiaomi Mi water purifier to wifi?

    Ans. One most interesting and advanced features of the Xiaomi Mi water purifier is that you can monitor the performance of the purifier with just a mi Home app. You can connect the Mi Home app with the Redmi water purifier by simply following these steps -
    Step 1: Hold the switch and reset button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
    Step 2: Connect your mobile with home Wi-Fi.
    Step 3: Download the Mi Home app from the google play store.
    Step 4: Open the app and log in to your Mi account.
    Step 5: Tap on the + icon at the top right corner.
    Step 6: You can see your water purifier in the nearby device section. Tap on the purifier icon and follow step 8 or you can add it manually.
    Step 7: To add it manually, go to the "add manually" section and tap on "Kitchen electronics". Here you can see your water purifier, tap on it.
    Step 8: Choose your Wi-Fi connection and enter the password.
    Step 9: Select the place where you kept the water purifier and just press the next.
    Step 10: Done. Your Mi home app is now ready to use. Now you can check the TDS level and monitor the filter condition.

    Q 2. How to set TDS in Mi RO Water purifier?

    Ans: You can't set the TDS level manually.

    Q 3. How good is Mi water purifier?

    Ans: Mi smart water purifier is a very good product in such a price range as it provides both RO+UV filtration and also replaces the filters, you do not need to wait for a technician.

    Q 4. What is the tagline of the Mi smart water purifier?

    Ans: The tagline of purifiers is: Truly Smart, Truly Convenient, and Truly Safe.

    Q 5. What is the TDS reduction rate of mi smart water purifier?

    Ans: Xiaomi water purifier can reduce TDS level up to 90% with some specific conditions.

    Q 6. How much time does the Xiaomi water purifier take to fill in a 7-liter tank?

    Ans: It can take up to 5 hours depending on your water supply pressure.

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